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Nice to meet you


A few things you need to know about me...

- I LOVE MAIL. I'm excited to get the mail every day. Stamps, wax seals, especially tiny envelopes.  If you need a penpal let me know :) 

- Jane Austen fan, big time. Books, movies, you name it

- I sing!  I study opera and have a pop band with my sister

- I love the rain. Something about it makes everything cozy

- Broadway every day.  Especially Les Miserables

- Favorite color? Blue. We're talking life long fan of the color blue. It can do no wrong in my eyes


Telling stories.

Putting something into words.

It's powerful. 

Letting everyone see, letting yourself in the future see what this season looks like.  Right now.  It can be hard at times.  Maybe you think it's not worth telling.  But I assure you, no one ever wishes they didn't take that photo, or didn't have a photo of their loved one.  In fact, the thing we wish we had more of from those who have gone before are more photos of them.  That's where I come in: I love making art that look the way you felt when it was taken. Genuine, honest, stories. 

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